2024 WGI Percussion/Winds World Championships

WGI World Championships 2024 Watch Guide: Here's What To Know

WGI World Championships 2024 Watch Guide: Here's What To Know

The WGI 2024 Guard, Percussion and Winds world championships are in April from Dayton, Ohio and other surrounding areas. Here's what to know.

Mar 29, 2024

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The 2024 WGI World Championships for Guard and Percussion/ Winds will feature some of the best guard, percussion and winds performers in the country competing for championships in Dayton, Ohio and surrounding areas in April. 

One of the biggest events on the WGI Schedule and the culmination of season that began on Feb. 9, the World Championships feature the Guard championships followed by the Percussion and Winds. 

Here’s what to know about the WGI World Championships.

When Is The WGI Guard World Championships 2024?

The WGI Guard World Championships are April 11-13. 

How To Watch The WGI World Championships 2024

Both WGI World Championships will be streaming live on FloMarching and the FloSports app. Breaking news, highlights and rebroadcasts will be on both platforms. 

Where Are The WGI Guard World Championships 2024?

WGI Guard competitions will bein the Dayton, Ohio and surrounding areas, including: 

  • University of Dayton
  • Dayton Convention Center
  • Wright State University’s Nutter Center In Fairborn, Ohio
  • Xavier University Cintas Center In Cincinnati
  • Northern Kentucky University Truist Arena in Highland Heights, Kentucky

WGI Color Guard Rankings

Here are the latest WGI Color Guard Rankings.

WGI Schedule 2024: Guard Championships

Here's the prelim schedule for WGI Guard World Championships:

University of Dayton Arena - Prelims (Apr. 11)

 Independent Open Prelims, Scholastic World Prelims, Independent World Prelims

EnsembleClassPerformance Time
Blessed SacramentIO - Round 29:30am
State of ArtIO - Round 29:39am
BoundlessIO - Round 29:48am
UndauntedIO - Round 29:57am
George Mason University WinterguardIO - Round 210:06am
Tampa Independent OpenIO - Round 210:15am
GeorgiaIO - Round 210:24am
MBIIO - Round 210:33am
Revival Winter GuardIO - Round 210:42am
OasisIO - Round 411:05am
Redemption GuardIO - Round 411:14am
AllegianceIO - Round 411:23am
ZEUS IndependentIO - Round 411:32am
La Voute Performance EnsembleIO - Round 411:41am
ORIGINS OpenIO - Round 411:50am
MénageIO - Round 411:59am
Glory IndependentIO - Round 412:08pm
Norwin HSSW - Round 112:30pm
Chino Hills HSSW - Round 112:40pm
Sunlake HSSW - Round 112:50pm
Northview HSSW - Round 11:00pm
Kiski Area HSSW - Round 11:10pm
El Dorado HSSW - Round 11:20pm
Tarpon Springs HSSW - Round 11:30pm
Flower Mound HSSW - Round 21:50pm
Palm Desert HSSW - Round 22:00pm
Cleveland HS (NC)SW - Round 22:10pm
Miamisburg HSSW - Round 22:20pm
Arcadia HSSW - Round 22:30pm
Carmel HSSW - Round 22:40pm
Stoneman Douglas HSSW - Round 22:50pm
Fishers HSSW - Round 23:00pm
Center Grove HSSW - Round 33:20pm
Milford HS (OH)SW - Round 33:30pm
West Broward HSSW - Round 33:40pm
Flanagan HSSW - Round 33:50pm
Bellbrook HSSW - Round 34:00pm
Warren Central HSSW - Round 34:10pm
Avon HSSW - Round 34:20pm
The Woodlands HSSW - Round 34:30pm
FIU WorldIW - Round 14:50pm
EklipseIW - Round 15:00pm
Light BrigadeIW - Round 15:10pm
ZenithIW - Round 15:20pm
ReverieIW - Round 15:30pm
AMP Winter GuardIW - Round 15:40pm
JuxtapositionIW - Round 15:50pm
MalachiIW - Round 16:00pm
Tampa IndependentIW - Round 16:10pm
ParamountIW - Round 16:20pm
LexisIW - Round 26:45pm
First FlightIW - Round 26:55pm
Lake Erie RegimentIW - Round 27:05pm
ElevateIW - Round 27:15pm
FeniX IndependentIW - Round 27:25pm
The Pride of Missouri StateIW - Round 27:35pm
Sensation Performance EnsembleIW - Round 27:45pm
OnyxIW - Round 27:55pm
Vox ArtiumIW - Round 28:05pm
FantasiaIW - Round 28:15pm
UCF Pegasus WorldIW - Round 28:25pm
Fusion Winter GuardIW - Round 28:35pm
CosmicIW - Round 39:00pm
In Motion Performance EnsembleIW - Round 39:10pm
University of South FloridaIW - Round 39:20pm
InvictusIW - Round 39:30pm
Black WatchIW - Round 39:40pm
Edge IndependentIW - Round 39:50pm
EtudeIW - Round 310:00pm
Blessed SacramentIW - Round 310:10pm
ORIGINS IW - Round 310:20pm
Icon Winter GuardIW - Round 310:30pm
MirageIW - Round 310:40pm

Wright State University's Nutter Center - Prelims (Apr. 11)

 Scholastic Open Prelims, Independent Open Prelims

EnsembleClassPerformance Time
Bridgeland HSSO - Round 110:00am
Jordan HSSO - Round 110:09am
Westfield HS (IN)SO - Round 110:18am
Little Elm HSSO - Round 110:27am
Noblesville HSSO - Round 110:36am
Mililani HSSO - Round 110:45am
Seymour HSSO - Round 110:54am
Shenendehowa HSSO - Round 111:03am
Byrnes HSSO - Round 111:12am
Somerville HSSO - Round 211:35am
Naperville Central HSSO - Round 211:44am
Franklin HS (TN)SO - Round 211:53am
Ronald Reagan HSSO - Round 212:02pm
Franklin Central HSSO - Round 212:11pm
Dobyns-Bennett HSSO - Round 212:20pm
Oviedo HSSO - Round 212:29pm
Clear Brook HSSO - Round 212:38pm
Dartmouth HSSO - Round 212:47pm
Marian Catholic HSSO - Round 31:50pm
College Park HSSO - Round 31:59pm
New Palestine HSSO - Round 32:08pm
Centerville HSSO - Round 32:17pm
Palm Desert Charter MSSO - Round 32:26pm
Brownsburg HSSO - Round 32:35pm
Laguna Creek HSSO - Round 32:44pm
Decatur Central HSSO - Round 43:05pm
North Gwinnett HSSO - Round 43:14pm
Downey HSSO - Round 43:23pm
Seminole HSSO - Round 43:32pm
Central Square HSSO - Round 43:41pm
Moe and Gene Johnson HSSO - Round 43:50pm
Ayala HSSO - Round 43:59pm
William R Boone HSSO - Round 44:08pm
Pendleton Heights HSSO - Round 44:17pm
American Fork HSSO - Round 44:26pm
Westlake HS (TX)SO - Round 44:35pm
Lake Central HSSO - Round 55:00pm
Hamilton Southeastern HSSO - Round 55:09pm
Dawson HSSO - Round 55:18pm
Cicero-North Syracuse HSSO - Round 55:27pm
Greenfield-Central HSSO - Round 55:36pm
McKinney HSSO - Round 55:45pm
Clovis HSSO - Round 55:54pm
Williams Field HS ASO - Round 56:03pm
James Bowie HS (Austin)SO - Round 56:12pm
Mason HSSO - Round 56:21pm
Marcus HSSO - Round 56:30pm
Northmont HSSO - Round 56:39pm
Purdue UniversityIO - Round 17:00pm
One LightIO - Round 17:09pm
The Magnolia ProjectIO - Round 17:18pm
3rd LegendIO - Round 17:27pm
CollageIO - Round 17:36pm
JMU Nuance OpenIO - Round 17:45pm
Top HatsIO - Round 17:54pm
Main Line IndependentIO - Round 18:03pm
Pegasus OpenIO - Round 18:12pm
EmanonIO - Round 38:35pm
Elan WinterguardIO - Round 38:44pm
AnesidoraIO - Round 38:53pm
Relentless IO - Round 39:02pm
Edge Independent OpenIO - Round 39:11pm
EmeraldIO - Round 39:20pm
Alta Marea WinterguardIO - Round 39:29pm
Phoenix IndependentIO - Round 39:38pm
FIU GOLDIO - Round 39:47pm
i-SquaredIO - Round 39:56pm

Xavier University Cintas Center - Prelims (Apr. 11)

 Scholastic A Prelims

EnsembleClassPerformance Time
Oxford HSSA - Round 110:00am
Plymouth-Canton Educational ParkSA - Round 110:08am
Hamilton HSSA - Round 110:16am
Washington HS (MO)SA - Round 110:24am
Piqua HSSA - Round 110:32am
Creekview HS (GA)SA - Round 110:40am
Unionville HSSA - Round 110:48am
Mt Vernon HS (Fortville)SA - Round 110:56am
Hickory HSSA - Round 111:04am
Freedom HS (Orlando)SA - Round 111:12am
Dorman HSSA - Round 311:35am
Lafayette HS VarsitySA - Round 311:43am
Jordan Elbridge HSSA - Round 311:51am
Francis Howell North HSSA - Round 311:59am
Arroyo HSSA - Round 312:07pm
Thompson HSSA - Round 312:15pm
Hernando HSSA - Round 312:23pm
Adlai E Stevenson HSSA - Round 312:31pm
Hardin Valley AcademySA - Round 312:39pm
Corinth Holders HSSA - Round 312:47pm
Elizabethtown HSSA - Round 312:55pm
Thomas Jefferson HSSA - Round 51:55pm
Beavercreek hSSA - Round 52:03pm
Terre Haute South HSSA - Round 52:11pm
St Clairsville HSSA - Round 52:19pm
Victor HSSA - Round 52:27pm
Mt Juliet HSSA - Round 52:35pm
Lafayette HS (MO)SA - Round 52:43pm
Azle HSSA - Round 52:51pm
Archbishop Carroll HSSA - Round 73:15pm
Green Hope HS VarsitySA - Round 73:23pm
Costa Mesa HSSA - Round 73:31pm
Novi HSSA - Round 73:39pm
Mohonasen HSSA - Round 73:47pm
Middletown HSSA - Round 73:55pm
Kettering Fairmont HSSA - Round 74:03pm
Union HSSA - Round 74:11pm
Blue Springs South HS JVSA - Round 74:19pm
Green Level HSSA - Round 95:20pm
Eden Prairie HSSA - Round 95:28pm
Daphne HSSA - Round 95:36pm
Rockford HSSA - Round 95:44pm
DeSoto Central HSSA - Round 95:52pm
Blue Springs South HS VarsitySA - Round 96:00pm
Lassiter HSSA - Round 96:08pm
River Bluff HSSA - Round 96:16pm
Larry A Ryle HSSA - Round 96:24pm
Bartram Trail HSSA - Round 96:32pm
Central Crossing HSSA - Round 116:55pm
Garland HSSA - Round 117:03pm
Cascade HSSA - Round 117:11pm
Lambert HSSA - Round 117:19pm
Liverpool HSSA - Round 117:27pm
Upper Moreland HSSA - Round 117:35pm
Fort Walton Beach HSSA - Round 117:43pm
Germantown HSSA - Round 117:51pm
Salem HSSA - Round 117:59pm

Northern Kentucky University Truist Arena - Prelims (Apr. 11)

 Scholastic A Prelims

EnsembleClassPerformance Time
Papillion-La Vista South HSSA - Round 210:00am
Harrison Central HSSA - Round 210:08am
Greece HSSA - Round 210:16am
Jenison HSSA - Round 210:24am
Elizabeth HSSA - Round 210:32am
Lexington HSSA - Round 210:40am
Franklin HSSA - Round 210:48am
Springboro HSSA - Round 411:10am
Windermere HSSA - Round 411:18am
Prosper HSSA - Round 411:26am
Palm Beach Central HSSA - Round 411:34am
Lafayette HS (KY)SA - Round 411:42am
Diamond Bar HSSA - Round 411:50am
Yukon HSSA - Round 411:58am
Downingtown HS WestSA - Round 412:06pm
Horizon HS (FL)SA - Round 412:14pm
Collierville HSSA - Round 61:15pm
Baldwinsville HSSA - Round 61:23pm
Pattonville HSSA - Round 61:31pm
Minooka Community HSSA - Round 61:39pm
Millard North HSSA - Round 61:47pm
Cumberland Valley HSSA - Round 61:55pm
Great Oak HS VarsitySA - Round 62:03pm
Milton HS (GA)SA - Round 62:11pm
Amador Valely HSSA - Round 62:19pm
Victor J Andrew HSSA - Round 62:27pm
Lakota West HSSA - Round 62:35pm
Newsome HSSA - Round 83:00pm
Kickapoo HSSA - Round 83:08pm
Hudsonville HSSA - Round 83:16pm
Mt. Lebanon HSSA - Round 83:24pm
Campbell County HSSA - Round 83:32pm
Billerica Memorial Combined SchoolsSA - Round 83:40pm
Grand Oaks HSSA - Round 83:48pm
Cooper City HSSA - Round 83:56pm
Belleville West HSSA - Round 84:04pm
Batavia HSSA - Round 84:12pm
Wylie HSSA - Round 84:20pm
McKinney Boyd HSSA - Round 105:20pm
East Lincoln HS ASA - Round 105:28pm
Bob Jones HSSA - Round 105:36pm
Eastlake HS (TX)SA - Round 105:44pm
White Knoll HSSA - Round 105:52pm
Holly Springs HSSA - Round 106:00pm
John C Birdlebough HSSA - Round 106:08pm
West Johnston HSSA - Round 106:16pm
Hays HSSA - Round 106:24pm
JW Mitchell HSSA - Round 106:32pm
Lake Orion HSSA - Round 126:55pm
Homestead HSSA - Round 127:03pm
Worthington Kilbourne HSSA - Round 127:11pm
Sierra Pacific HSSA - Round 127:19pm
Pace HSSA - Round 127:27pm
Lockport Township HSSA - Round 127:35pm
Reeths-Puffer HSSA - Round 127:43pm
Arlington HS (NY)SA - Round 127:51pm
Gulfport HSSA - Round 127:59pm

Dayton Convention Center - Prelims (Apr. 11)

 Independent A Prelims

EnsembleClassPerformance Time
Charlest Towne IndependentIA - Round 110:00am
Visual TheaterIA - Round 110:08am
IrondaleIA - Round 110:16am
OnyxIA - Round 110:24am
University of South FloridaIA - Round 110:32am
St AnnsIA - Round 110:40am
MontageIA - Round 111:48am
Les EclipsesIA - Round 110:56am
Meridian AIA - Round 211:20am
Black GoldIA - Round 211:28am
RangerettesIA - Round 211:36am
Emory and Henry IndependentIA - Round 211:44am
White and Gold Winterguard from Georgia TechIA - Round 211:52am
Forest HillsIA - Round 212:00pm
Lakeville South HSIA - Round 212:08pm
Indiana UniversityIA - Round 212:16pm
Plainfield Winter Guard (IL)IA - Round 212:24pm
National Avenue from Missouri StateIA - Round 212:32pm
Huron Valley Winter GuardIA - Round 212:40pm
Towson University Winter GuardIA - Round 31:40pm
WestshoremenIA - Round 31:48pm
EtherIA - Round 31:56pm
Hatters IndependentIA - Round 32:04pm
Reverie AIA - Round 32:12pm
Beau Monde IndependentIA - Round 32:20pm
Caledonia IndependentIA - Round 32:28pm
Glory AIA - Round 32:36pm
Troy Athens HSIA - Round 32:44pm
Opus IndependentIA - Round 32:52pm
Malachi AIA - Round 43:15pm
Future Independent WinterguardIA - Round 43:23pm
ICT IndependentIA - Round 43:31pm
Cascadia IndependentIA - Round 43:39pm
The UnionIA - Round 43:47pm
Zephyrus Independent Winter GuardIA - Round 43:55pm
River City Rhythm Winter GuardIA - Round 44:03pm
Noir IndependentIA - Round 44:11pm
Carolina Visual ProductionsIA - Round 44:19pm
Gold WinterguardIA - Round 44:27pm
Introspection IndependentIA - Round 55:25pm
San Diego State University Aztec WinterguardIA - Round 55:33pm
High Voltage of Haddon HeightsIA - Round 55:41pm
Revolutionary WinterGuardIA - Round 55:49pm
Imperium WinterguardIA - Round 55:57pm
Eagle Mountain IndependentIA - Round 56:05pm
Sonnor de La PrairieIA - Round 56:13pm
Pegasus AIA - Round 56:21pm
Maharlika IA - Round 56:29pm
CrossroadsIA - Round 56:37pm
RhapsodyIA - Round 67:00pm
Crescent City Color GuardIA - Round 67:08pm
Awake IndependentIA - Round 67:16pm
JMU Nuance AIA - Round 67:24pm
OasisIA - Round 67:32pm
Georgia State University WinterguaredIA - Round 67:40pm
Gates Chili Independent Winter GuardIA - Round 67:48pm
Batavia WinterguardIA - Round 67:56pm
ORIGINS AIA - Round 68:04pm
Ichigo IchieIA - Round 68:12pm

When Is The WGI Percussion and Winds World Championships 2024?

The WGI Percussion and Winds World Championships are April 18-21. 

Where Are The WGI Percussion and Winds World Championships 2024?

WGI Percussion/Winds competitions will bein the Dayton, Ohio and surrounding areas, including: 

  • University of Dayton
  • Dayton Convention Center
  • Hobart Arena in Troy, Ohio
  • Wright State University’s Nutter Center In Fairborn, Ohio

WGI 2024 Schedule: Percussion and Winds World Championship Schedule  

The schedule for the WGI Percussion and Winds world championships can be found here. 

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