2024 WGI Guard East Power Regional

2024 WGI Guard East Power Regional

Mar 16-17

Check out the results for the Winter Guard International 2024 Color Guard East Power Regional, held on March 16-17 in Bethlehem, PA

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FINALS Results - 2024 Color Guard East Power Regional

Independent World

1Blessed Sacrament93.250
2Fusion Winter Guard92.650
3AMP Winter Guard86.150
4Light Brigade74.500
5Black Watch71.900

Independent Open

1Main Line Independent84.300
23rd Legend82.000
3JMU Nuance Open81.300
4Blessed Sacrament77.500
6Sacred Heart University Winter Guard64.200

Scholastic Open

1Shenendehowa HS85.150
2Dartmouth HS82.750
3Bethel HS Varsity80.300
4Cicero-North Syracuse HS78.600
5Somerville HS73.800
6Central Square HS66.950

Independent A

1Les Eclipses84.465
2St. Anns83.040
3Gates Chili Independent Winter Guard82.745
4Carolina Visual Productions81.065
5Sonnor de La Prairie80.220
6JMU Nuance A76.215
7Introspection Independent75.210
8High Voltage of Haddon Heights74.650

Scholastic A

1Arlington HS (NY)89.770
2Liverpool HS85.440
3John C Birdlebough HS85.295
4Elizabeth HS83.815
5Roslyn HS83.130
6Salem HS82.960
7Council Rock HS South82.525
8Cumberland Valley HS82.320
9Unionville HS81.875
10VIcto HS80.970
11Downingtown HS West77.015
12West Milford HS77.015
13Upper Moreland HS76.965
14Trumbull HS76.200
15Mohonasen HS74.475

PRELIMS Results - 2024 Color Guard East Power Regional

Independent World

1Blessed Sacrament91.700
2Fusion Winter Guard91.600
3AMP Winter Guard85.000
4Light Brigade73.200
5Black Watch72.400

Independent Open

1Main Line Independent81.200
13rd Legend81.200
3JMU Nuance Open80.700
4Blessed Sacrament76.500
6Sacred Heart University Winter Guard65.000

Scholastic Open

1Shenendehowa HS84.000
2Dartmouth HS82.000
3Bethel HS Varsity79.500
4Cicero-North Syracuse HS78.600
5Somerville HS71.200
6Central Square HS67.400

Independent A (Round 1)

1Sonnor de La Prairie79.570
2JMU Nuance A77.480
3High Voltage of Haddon Heights77.030
4Introspection Independent75.310
5Hatters Independent67.620
6Winter Star66.630
73rd Legend66.390
8Les Eclipses - Junior63.060

Independent A (Round 2)

1Les Eclipses82.640
2Gates Chili Independent Winter Guard82.270
3St. Anns80.810
4Carolina Visual Productions80.790
7Pegasus Independent (NJ)70.970
8Sonnor Junior66.520

Scholastic A (Round 1)

1John C Birdlebough HS84.330
2Liverpool HS83.180
3Roslyn HS82.330
4Unionville HS82.020
5Victor HS81.170
6Upper Moreland HS78.360
7West Milford HS77.930
8Mt. Lebanon HS75.820
9East Syracuse Minoa Central HS75.350
10Dennis-Yarmouth HS74.920
11Southern Regional HS73.920
12West Orange HS (NJ)73.810
13Southington HS71.690
14Edison HS (NJ)71.690

Scholastic A (Round 2)

1Arlington HS (NY)87.370
2Elizabeth HS81.460
3Council Rock HS South80.030
4Salem HS79.740
5Downingtown HS West78.560
6Mohonasen HS77.900
7Trumbull HS77.600
8Cumberland Valley HS76.850
9Baldwinsville HS75.450
10Cicero-North Syracuse HS JV73.450
11Spring-Ford Area HS73.450
12Abington HS71.720
13Northern Valley Combined Schools70.010
14Lancaster HS69.780
15Boyertown Area HS69.490

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